We're ready for spring.

It seems like the days are getting longer but not the good kind like "the days are getting longer… the sun stays out later". It's more like "the days are getting longer… and the snow keeps on falling". As I've said on this blog before I can't drive in the snow. The times I've tried resulted in lots of tears and panic attacks. So when I know it's going to snow I go into work with my parents. This means I wake up an hour before usual and the whole day is sort of thrown off. Last week, the snow forced this 3 times. This week, once. The snow makes for a tricky day and a really long commute. One night last week it was 4.5 hours. Yesterday, 3 hours. Not fun. 

When making dinner last night, Sean got really sick. All of the sudden. He started getting dizzy and couldn't stand. He was nauseated and his vision was blurry. He could barely eat the food he made, which was a real shame because it was delicious (homemade meatballs and sauce). He went to bed at 7. This morning I checked on him but he was still feeling sick. I left for work but kept texting once I got to work and he told me he was really feeling bad and going to the doctors. After his visit and some testing they said he has vertigo.  But my own diagnosis is more along the lines of carbon monoxide poisoning. I'm just sure of it. For a number of reasons: I've had the same symptoms for 3 weeks. I don't totally trust the detectors we have in our home. I read too much about it online. I'm a hypochondriac. 

I left work early to be with him since he really shouldn't be alone. I was busy playing nurse… you know gathering supplies -- iced tea, tablets, phone chargers, a cat here or there. He was busy watching Battlestar Galactica which led me to fall asleep on the job.  Oops.

After dinner tonight I made Sean come to the basement with me to find where the vents are going outside. From there I put on snow pants and boots, grabbed a shovel and traveled through the snow in our front yard (it's up to my waist!) to where I thought the vents were. Unfortunately, once getting to the space I realized I didn't have a flashlight and couldn't see anything at all. I shoveled what I could. But I think it's safe to say that I'll be out there in the daylight tomorrow to check things out. Tonight I'm putting all my faith into the 3 detectors we do have. Sean says they can't all be faulty and that I'm a little crazy. 

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  1. Oh gosh the freaking snow! It's like snowing every other day over here and not just little amounts. So over it. I'm not horrible driving in the snow but I would rather not drive in the snow especially here because it seems that people are really not that use to this much snowfall over here.

    I hope that Sean is better soon. So scary if you are right about your intuition.


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