Don't let the short sleeves fool you: it's cold outside. It's just that because of daylights savings we were able to go outside for a short time during Sunday night dinner (really only to take this picture because it was 30 degrees). Yesterday it was in the 50s! I may or may not have laid out on this very deck for about 20 minutes. I had five layers of clothing on but this whole winter thing is brutal. I'm sure in the summertime I'll be complaining about the heat (we just priced out ACs today -- those things are not cheap!) but right now all I want is some warm sunshine. This past week, Sean shaved off his beard. It's a big deal around here as it only happens about twice a year. This week I went to Joann Fabrics to buy scrapbooking stuff for next month's scrapbook weekend. I conveniently missed yoga and instead got Chinese takeout food. We used our new "recycled" grill even though temps were in the teens. I ordered Sean's birthday presents :) and may have gotten some new workout gear for myself… for those fitness classes I've paid for but have yet to attend. We also got our roof looked at and got an enormous estimate to fix what's wrong with it.
This upcoming week includes the last five days before I have two wonderful weeks of vacation and Tuesday marks our three month anniversary of being homeowners. :)

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  1. I totally feel you on the sunshine thing .. I mean, not really because I'm in Florida now but I lived in NY for six years before this and yes, just about any time it got into the 50s it was like a miracle! Everyone in central park running, picnicing, napping...and then the sun sets and everyone is like noooo what a cruel joke!! My friends were trying to convince me to come to NYC this past weekend and they were like, "it's gonna be warm! in the 40s!" i'm like, do you know where I live? It's in the 80s this weekend. So thanks, but no thanks!!

    Congrats on 3 month anniversary and on getting to enjoy at least a little sunshine and warmer weather! :)


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