Living room changes.

Our house has been going through some painting changes this week. It all started on Monday and, if you can believe it, is still continuing today. Painting is hard work. It takes forever and I really hope that I continue to love all the paint colors I chose because if I start to dislike them I'll have to just force myself to love them again because I can't imagine painting all this wainscoting ever again. In the past 5 days, I've dusted and swiffered and washed and primed and taped off and painted multiple coats on these walls and on this trim. Luckily, I had help. Still on the to-do list is to paint the windows (they're gorgeous but I'm only not even half way done taping them off) and some of the wood work around the doors still needs another coat of Decorator's White (Benjamin Moore).  

The thing about the walls is that people didn't really notice how yellow everything was until something white was pressed against it. You can really see the dingy color when you compare the walls to the white outlet cover and light switch cover.

See, here you can tell the difference between the original yellowish/peach color and the white primer:
It's still a work in progress and our furniture is still sitting in the middle of the room. But I have a little "original, in progress, finished" collage taken with my iPhone. I'll post more pictures from a real camera once the trim is totally done, the windows have been painted, the door is white and the furniture is back in place, oh and when the sun is shining so there's some natural light. But for now…

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