Three months.

We've been living in our house for three months now. It feels like we've been here much longer and kind of like we've always been here. The wallpaper is growing on me. So are the wood cabinets in the kitchen though I still plan on painting them. The upstairs bathroom still grosses me out but the vent conveniently placed near the floor has been nice on these cold mornings at 5:45 when I get out of the shower. The craft room is coming together. We had an incident when I found an urn-like thing in the closet. I told Sean to one day, out of the blue, get rid of it for me but not to tell me what was in it. I don't really believe in ghosts but I figure why risk it. He got rid of it and told me it was nothing at all but part of me sort of thinks he's just trying to be nice. Plus, he doesn't want to deal with me being scared. 

Apollo and Artemis have secured their hiding spots. Artemis hides in the guest bed, under the blankets; Apollo hides in the closet in the guest bedroom. They don't like the painting process and usually run to their hiding spots the moment a paint can is opened. It must be the smell.

One day, two weeks ago, a blue recycling bin showed up in our driveway. It was on trash day so part of me thought that maybe it blew into our yard and that it truly belonged to a neighbor. I walked by it and went inside. After an hour of watching it just sit there (from inside the house) I went out and kicked it further into our driveway. Once I justified to myself that it was actually on our property and I could call it "ours" I carried it into our porch. No one has come to claim it so we're now recyclers. 

We'll have to see what this month brings!

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