Welcome, March.

The other day I said how excited I was that March would be starting on Saturday and I'm still pretty pumped. Then I found out about a supposed snow storm tomorrow night and I think it must be a joke. Some stations are saying more than 18 inches. No, thanks Mother Nature. No, thanks. I was enjoying the melting snow and seeing glimpses of our backyard (it's been covered in snow since we moved in). I'm also thoroughly enjoying that our driveway is no longer a sheet of ice and you can see the pavement. But apparently that will be no more as of tomorrow night. 

This past week I was sick and couldn't go to work one day. I ended up going to the doctors and getting chest x-rays but they came back negative for pneumonia. Sean and I were joking that all four of us (cats included) visited the doctors this month. Apollo went to the vet on Tuesday night. She wasn't thrilled. On Wednesday Sean and I went to dinner at a local brewery that was serving a Baravian breakfast for dinner. I have a thing about eating breakfast foods after 11AM so I passed on that and had pasta instead. I'm trying to find a wine that I like and it's proving to be difficult. Any thoughts on wine that doesn't taste like cherries or children's liquid medicine would be greatly appreciated. Anyways… let's talk goals.

This is what I hoped to accomplish in February:

- 1st floor bathroom (paint, install new sink/toilet) -- I wouldn't say this is "accomplished", but the bathroom has been making progress. 
- paint hallway, pantry, living room -- Nope.
- figure out electrical outlets -- Nope.

- blog at least twice a week -- I accomplished this. I blogged on here as well as my new blog Prepare  the Environment.
- catch up on Project Life -- Nope. 
- take a vitamin every day -- I did well, for 2.5 weeks and then I was certain that the vitamins were making me dizzy so I stopped...
- make a new list of 101 in 1001 (my first one is up as of the 11th) -- it's here.
- organize clothes -- not yet.

Here are some March goals:

- complete 1st floor bathroom
- paint pantry
- paint living room
- hang something above the fireplace

- catch up on Project Life
- order pictures for scrapbook weekend
- take a yoga class
- take a pilates class
- celebrate Sean's birthday
- get around to changing my last name/address on license, passport, checks, etc.
- blog 15 times
- enjoy two weeks off from work!


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