Sean and I hosted brunch this morning. Having never hosted Easter before I was excited to add this holiday onto our resume. So far, we've done Mother's Day and Thanksgiving. For the first time, I made pancakes from scratch, homemade blueberry muffins, eggs, bacon, twice baked potatoes and Sean made pizza. We also had various salads (pasta, potato, tortellini). After brunch, we visited with my family and had Easter dinner.

This past week, we celebrated Artemis' one year adoption anniversary. Obviously, she didn't know about it because she's a cat, but we enjoyed knowing that we've had her for a year.  It's been so nice to have some warm weather and sunshine, too. I mean, just three days ago it was snowing. But now, it truly feels like spring. We're talking in the 60s. This past week has also been a little sad because of the upcoming marathon. Tomorrow's state holiday means it's time for the Boston marathon. Sean and I are planning on going to the start line since it's just about 15 minutes from our house. All the roads close and they're expecting over 500,000 people to show up along the marathon route. It should be a pretty intense day all around.

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  1. so cute! love all the decor :) sounds like quite the menu you baked up, yummmmy!


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