I'm excited that a new month is here. Sean and I were getting into bed last night talking about how we really need some warm weather and sunshine. The snow and ice and rain are getting old, Mother Nature. They're getting old. But finally after months and months -- the sun was out today. It was 56 degrees. I didn't have to bundle up. I didn't wear boots. I only wore a fleece. I drove with the car windows down. It was fantastic. Since it's the beginning of the month it's time to reflect on last month's goals and make some new ones for April.

My March goals:

- complete 1st floor bathroom -- floors, walls and toilet are done; we've yet to make a decision on the sink.
- paint pantry -- it's all primed!

- paint living room -- check!

- hang something above the fireplace -- I have a canvas and fabric, but I've yet to make it and hang it up.

- catch up on Project Life -- I got pictures printed...
- order pictures for scrapbook weekend -- check!
- take a yoga class -- check! 
- take a pilates class -- check!
- celebrate Sean's birthday -- check!
- get around to changing my last name on license, passport, checks, etc. -- I got a new checkbook but that's it.
- blog 15 times -- only 11 times...
- enjoy two weeks off from work! -- check!

My April goals:

- clean-up the yard
- plan out & plant a garden
- buy a bathroom sink
- buy an area rug for the living room
- hang canvas above fireplace

- organize computer files/pictures
- go to the Boston marathon
- organize all my clothes (donate some/put some in storage/closet)
- blog 15 times
- get a pedicure

Not a long list of goals, I'll admit. Success is what I'm aiming for.

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