I missed out on posting our picture last week, what would have been 17/52 because last Sunday morning at 5AM, Artemis scratched my eyelid while I was asleep. The scratch, although it sounds like no big deal, set me back. All Sunday, I stayed in bed, feeling sorry for myself, keeping my eye closed because I couldn't open it, holding ice on it, loading up on Neosporin (only to find out later that it's not meant for near your eyes). Sean was so helpful. But I couldn't get it together in time to go to dinner and there was no way I was posing for a picture. The following day I went to the doctors and, obviously, the scratch got infected and they put me on antibiotics. Why do the weirdest ailments happen to me? I forgave my little Artie, and it definitely helped that she remained close to me all day -- I just know that she knew she hurt me.

In addition to getting antibiotics on Monday, we also celebrated Apollo's adoption day. Since I referenced Artemis' adoption day, back when it happen, I thought it only fair to keep in mind that we've now had Apollo for two years. They had an interesting day today watching three men cut down all the hazardous trees in our yard. They didn't love the loud noises that happened when the large limbs, and sometimes entire trees, fell to the ground. Some of those bangs were so scary. All in all, we got 3 trees cut down all the way, 1 most of the way but the tree climbers couldn't take down the limb that is hanging over the house because apparently it would fall ON the house (so we have to hire someone else), and 2 trees trimmed back away from the house. All the trees that we removed were considered "hazards" and were either in danger of falling ON the house or they were ruining our already ruined roof. So they had to go. Well, if we're being honest, the one on the front right side of the yard we took down just because it was a crab apple tree and we didn't appreciate the likelihood of those crab apples constantly falling on our cars sitting in the driveway.
The tree that couldn't get cut down all the way, is the one by the deck. We plan to have it taken down the rest of the way sometime this week. For now, our yard is covered in tree limbs and branches and Sean is pretty excited about figuring out what to do with it all next weekend. I'm just glad that we're a little bit safer around these parts. It's been very windy and the scariest thing was laying in bed knowing those trees were dangling right above us. I can't wait for the yard to be cleaned up a bit so that we can actually start hanging out outside.

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