Our picture this week isn't of us; it's a picture that shows what's been happening in our backyard for two days. Sean and his friends have been working around the clock to get the yard looking halfway decent. So, he didn't make it to dinner. But the yard is looking good! It seems like a lot of work but I know they're having fun with the wood chipper and the four-wheeler and the bon fire and the beer. I don't necessarily think those all go together, but… the work is getting done, so I can't complain. 

Last week was a bit intense for our families and I'm hoping for a less eventful upcoming week. This past Thursday, my grandmother fell at home while everyone was at work, so she was alone and wasn't helped for 6 hours. She spent 3 days in the hospital and we are all very happy to have her home. She  was very glad to come home today, as well.

While Sean was doing things in the yard (I only helped periodically, for 10 minute increments) I remained inside and watched Netflix. I don't even want to admit how many movies I watched this weekend. But I also did some shopping; in stores and online. These are some of my summer purchases from Old Navy. They have a pretty good deal if you have their credit card (30% off) and then you get cash back for your next purchase. They know how to keep you coming back...

If only the weather in Massachusetts would cooperate...

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