Our weekly picture is a day late. Better than not posting it at all, I suppose. We celebrated Memorial Day by walking our town's parade route. The route is close to our house, in fact, they actually close off our road to traffic during the parade. We watched the marchers and the scouts and the school band and the bloomers. I had not heard of the Bloomers -- but it is a group of women who in the 60s started this group when they showed up to play a game of softball against a men's team called the Bushmen (apparently they all had beards). Well, the women who won the game, thanks to the umpire's help, all wore red bloomers during the game… and then they were known as the Bloomers. Now they're known for philanthropic work; helping the community, volunteering, donating money and their time, etc. Oh, and they still wear red bloomers. It's so New England; in the best and most positive way, ever.

So, we had a three-day weekend, because of Memorial Day but Sean has been sick since last Thursday. For us, it was pretty low-key. I did manage to prime our front hallway but once I was realized how horrible I was at "cutting-in" -- I stopped. Now, we have half a primed space. While I painted, the cats watched intently and got a little too close to the paint trays. Sean stayed on the couch and watched Netflix. It was basically another weekend of Netflix. The weather is bad. Even if we weren't fighting stomach viruses… it hasn't been the type of weather that makes you want to be outside or do anything at all.

I tried my hand at "taking care" of Sean. He's so good to me and for some reason, I'm totally not good at taking care of him. I don't know why. I think it's because he's usually so healthy and strong and doesn't need my help that I rarely need to tap into that skill. When it so rarely comes up -- I'm at a loss and it usually turns in to him trying to make me feel better about not being able to take care of him. I know, right? Well, my mom told me that I needed to buy him stuff -- apparently, when you reveal that the house has no food or beverages or medicine, moms start to step in. So, she told me that I needed to get him soup, and ginger ale and medicine and jello. And so, I did that. I got home and made the jello, to the best of my ability… I swear. But for some reason, it didn't work out!

Why it froze, is beyond me. I followed the directions. Unfortunately, for Sean, this "cooking" blunder goes into the same list as when I forgot I was making bacon and when my pastaroni caught on fire. Hm.

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