A Redsox game.

Last week, after work one night, my parent's took us to the Redsox game. We sort of pride ourselves on being "non-sports" people but when push comes to shove… we're those annoying jump-on-the-bandwagon fans that most "real" fans dislike. I'm not a competitive person and hate to watch a team lose. Any team. It doesn't sit well and I always feel so badly for the people on that team. But watching a game at home on TV is much different than being at the park (or stadium or rink or court or whatever it is called for the sport you are watching). At the park, it goes by quicker; it's fast-paced; it's interesting even if you don't know the rules of the game; there's people watching to do and cotton candy to eat and good music to hear. At Fenway Park, there's the whole "oldest ballpark in America" thing going on, too. We left in the seventh inning -- it was a work night after all. Being the total non-sports person I am, I didn't even check the score the next morning to find out who won. It didn't matter much to me. My favorite parts of the game were listening to the guy selling water up and down the aisle screaming "wudda!" in a strong Boston accent; watching people two sections over from us attempt to start the "wave"; flinching every time I heard the bat and ball make contact (apparently we were in the "home run zone"), and witnessing a proposal -- the girl said yes, it would have been totally embarrassing if she hadn't.

I found out later the next day that the Redsox won. So that's good for them. Not so much for the Cincinnati Reds. 

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