Personality types.

I've become interested in reading about personality types. I'm finding it all fascinating and I'm able to take personality tests more seriously than other types of ways people try to "decode humans" like astrology or numerology or something like that. Recently, I took the Myers Briggs test for fun. To call the online "test" a test is silly because the short version (I think there's a longer one that you can pay for) is just four questions. I made Sean take it, too. The four questions aim to help you understand how you perceive the world and make decisions. It's a total "nature vs. nurture" revelation or a question of "am I this way because I learned it? Or is this just my personality?" -- Supposedly, there are four main psychological functions for how we experience the world; sensation, feeling, intuition, and thinking. One function is dominant in every person. Once you take the test, it gives you a four-lettered code that represents your personality type. One isn't better than another. It's just a way to try to understand yourself and those around you.   

The test revealed that I'm an "ISFJ" otherwise known as Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging or "The Nurturer". It could not have been more right; I prefer to live in a world that is concrete and kind. I want to believe the best in people. I value harmony and cooperation. I'm sensitive to other people's feelings. I'm an observer. I take information in about people and situations that is personally important to me and store it away. I have an exceptional memory. I have a clear idea of the way things should be. I value security and kindness; respecting traditions and laws. I believe laws exist because they work. I need to be shown why a new way is "better". I don't understand theory or abstract things. I don't express feelings. My negative feelings turn into judgements against other people which are difficult to change, once my mind is made up. I have a hard time saying "no" and get discouraged by criticism.

The test revealed that Sean is an "ESTP" otherwise known as Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving or "The Doer". As I read the personality description aloud to Sean we both started to smile; he lives in the here-and-now and places little importance on introspection. He looks at the facts of a situation and is quick to decide what needs to be done and moves on to the next thing. He's typically a few steps ahead of the person he is interacting with -- he uses this ability to get what he wants out of the situation. He sees rules and laws as guidelines and places little value on them; however his own integrity mandates that he will not do something he feels to be wrong. He loves to have fun and is fun to be around. He makes decisions based on facts and logic and can forget to take other people's feelings into account. He's intelligent but had a hard time in school. He can sell anyone on any idea and has a talent for getting things started. He has trouble following through and often leaves those tasks to others. He's practical and spontaneous and a great motivator. 

When you take the test, there's also a page about how you are in relationships; as a friend, as a parent, etc. Fortunately for us, the test revealed that we (me as an ISFJ; Sean as an ETSP) are natural partners. That's a relief, huh? People typically tell us how different we are from each other. Now... I know why

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