We got a bathroom sink! We're having a house guest at the end of the week. Sean's brother is visiting from Seattle and staying with us for a few days. So, we thought it was probably time to complete the bathroom. I wanted to get the guest room ready… as in, paint the walls and decorate. Unfortunately, the wallpaper in there is a month long ordeal and not a 4-day-no-big-deal type of project. The bathroom will have to be impressive enough. I mean… that's six months in the making. It was the first room we started, and it's still in limbo. In fact, even though Sean's putting the sink together as I type -- I heard some confusion and swearing from that area of the house. I've come to understand that the faucet is too high, or something and it won't turn up/on because of the "chair rail". I'm not sure why it's called a "chair rail" in the bathroom. Maybe it's not. Regardless, it looks like we'll be returning it. Isn't that how home improvement goes? One project requires 5-7 trips to the store. We bought the sink from ikea. We tried a bunch of local stores.. with "real" furniture but settled on ikea. I'll take some pictures once things are set-up properly. 

Over the weekend, I sat by and watched my parents have a yard sale. There's nothing like witnessing, firsthand, someone trying to barter their way down from $1. Like, really? What's the point? I didn't leave empty handed. I left with a packed car.. filled with so much stuff that I just couldn't let them sell. I told Sean that I could possibly turn into a hoarder now that we have an entire house to fill. I mean, it's so easy to just say "oh, well it can go in the basement for now".

On the way home from ikea we went to Shake Shack. It was pretty delicious. I enjoyed the atmosphere more than the food though I'm not crazy about burgers so I'm not a good judge. We sat outside -- finally hot and sunny weather! Plus there was live music, so that's always great. 

My classroom year is over so I have 4 more days of work (filled with meetings and cleaning my classroom) before summer. On Wednesday, I start my new part-time job of babysitting for the summer. It's 6 hours a week and I'm excited to add a little bit of routine into a very open schedule. Sean and I are trying to figure out some weekend trips for us and with friends but nothing is set in stone yet. I can't wait to figure out some plans. I love plans.

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