25/52 + 7 life updates

1. Blogging - It's been two weeks since I've blogged. I don't update when nothing significant happens. I don't update when life gets busy and there's no time. Thankfully, this time -- it was because I'm busy.

2. Rent the Runway . com - I can't even express to you how much I loved this website. A lot of people I work with use it, and I was always curious. Fast forward to last week, when I read the full invitation about an upcoming wedding (on Friday the 13th… under the full moon… IN a cemetery) and read that a certain dress code was asked. I couldn't find anything in stores and when I put in "victorian dress" on renttherunway.com the dress below is what popped up. I rented it, it arrived in time, it fit, I wore it and it was amazing. Look into the site, okay? It's reasonably priced and pretty sweet.
3. Family - Sean's brother from Seattle stayed with us for five days. It was a lot of fun and we spent the time with family, going out to eat A LOT, driving the Cape, going to the Redsox game and the two of them brewed beer and pretty much hung out for days on end. Sean took time off from work, too. So we got a few days of just hanging out and it was so fun. Sean is currently working at his old job and his new job, full time. Until the end of the month. So the three days off were exciting and necessary, but now things are busy.

4. Part-time job - Realizing that most teachers get part-time jobs in the summer time, I thought this summer I'd jump on the bandwagon. I got a part-time babysitting job, two-three days a week in the evening from 5-8PM. It's going really well. The family is really great and the evenings go by really quickly. It's nice to have some type of routine in the summer. You know, to get me away from ABC Family and Lifetime.

5. Friends - Summer is an amazing thing because I lose my sense of time and I'm more up for doing things rather than just going to sleep… for example, this past week Sean and I found ourselves out with friends until 2AM… on a Wednesday night. What?? We also hosted people last night for our town fireworks and got to bed around 2AM. It's crazy around these parts…

6. Landscaping - I can't even tell you how much Sean has been doing this past weekend to get the yard ready so that we could actually host people for the fireworks -- which by the way, we were able to see from our yard. How exciting! The yard looks so great. We've been paying a 15 year old kid from two doors down to cut our grass since we don't have a lawn mower. But there was still lots of work to be done from when we had the trees cut down and used the wood chipper and that whole experience. Since then, it's been raining every weekend and we sort of let everything slide. It was looking rough… but now! It' looks great, and I helped by "edging" where the mulch would go. Yes, I helped. 

7. Mudderella - It all started about 3 weeks ago when my friend casually mentioned to me, "hey, there's this thing… called Mudderella, we should do it". I was all "what's that?" and she was all "it's really cool, it's a race for women, it's empowering" and I was all "ok, cool! let's do it." So, I Googled it and it looked empowering and I was all about it! So much so that, I went out and bought sneakers… so you know it was serious! Well, I started the training guide for Mudderella… and it is HARD! I can't even move. Hopefully these next 12 weeks treat me well. I'll keep you updated!

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  1. WOW! I feel like I've missed out on so much in your life lately...so many exciting things going on. That's awesome you got a part time job, and training for Muderella--sounds pretty intense, good for you!


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