Newport, Rhode Island.

Last week, my friend Whitney and I decided we wanted to have an adventure over the weekend. After rattling off a list of places all within 90 minutes of here -- I thought we had decided on Portsmouth, NH. Funnily enough, when we met up Saturday afternoon -- Whitney thought we had decided on Portsmouth, RI. Same name. Different state. One is north, one is south. When looking into the one in RI, we realized it was very near to Newport, Rhode Island. I've been there a few times, mostly in college, and I loved it. So I was pulling for Newport. After a few minutes of going back and forth deciding in the Michaels parking lot, it was plugged into the GPS and we were on our way. Even though, it was debated and talked about -- we called it a spontaneous decision.

When we got down there, we went to dinner at The Barking Crab. After dinner we walked around and ran into an elderly couple who offered to take our picture. We, of course, took them up on the opportunity -- because who wouldn't? We talked to them for 10 minutes and they told us they had been married for 53 years and were on their way out to dinner. Imagine that? We were on our way to the beach to take pictures of the sunset. We got a bit turned around. For some reason, we thought the sun always sets over the ocean? Well, that's not true. It doesn't. So we didn't get our sunset pictures over the water. But it was still beautiful!

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