28/52 + leather gifts for 3 years of marriage

Tonight Sean and I went to dinner at his parent's house. They live within walking distance of our town's beach so after dinner we took a walk down to the water. There was a jazz concert happening and it all felt very Stars Hollow-ish from Gilmore Girls -- which I loved. 
This week, on Wednesday, Sean and I will celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. I'm sure, Wednesday's post will be dedicated to all the greatness that I feel surrounding the 16th but for now I want to talk about something else. The gifts. Every year certain gifts are recommended to correspond with the number of years you've been married. Three years = leather. We both believe that experiences are as special, and usually more special, than gifts. So rather than give gifts we'll be going out to dinner… at a steakhouse. Filet Mignon is a version of leather if you really get to the bottom of things, right? However… if we were to go the gift-giving route I've assembled two lists of appropriate and fun and totally out of our budget leather gifts. 

I chose the jacket because I've always wanted a real leather jacket. I mean the faux ones from Forever 21 just aren't the same. The Frye boots are something I've wanted since Christmas time and will totally be on my wish list for my next birthday. The laptop case is actually totally practical since I need one. Apparently there was a reason that the one I bought last August was only $2 on Amazon. And I love the watch. Just love, love, love. 
For Sean… leather gift ideas are pretty hard to come by since I know he really hates leather. But if I was going to get him stuff made of leather I would probably go the practical route hence the passport holder and the duffle bag. His new job requires him to travel a bit and since he has neither of those items… they could be useful. The recliner is a total "that would be nice" splurge since he has been asking to get a "man chair" for some time now. And the football has been added to the list because last week when we were going to the drive-in he said to me "I wish I owned a football". It's the thought that counts, right?

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