29/52 + a new addition.

This kitten joined us this afternoon from the animal shelter. Yesterday, we visited since we had to pass it in order to pick up a dress I had hemmed. The shelter was right there so we figured why not stop in? Well… in true cat lover's fashion once seeing all the adorable felines we couldn't just leave. So we talked to the volunteers there, all of whom remembered us from last year and remembered Artemis by name (though they knew her as Rainbow). They told us how nice we are and how amazing we are as pet parents. We looked at a few cats. But the little guy above just took our hearts. From the minute Sean picked him up he began to purr. We went home to think things over -- but found ourselves at the shelter this morning before it opened. We just had to add him to our home. He's all of two pounds and 10 weeks old. He had many siblings all of whom have been adopted in the last two weeks since they've been available to go to homes but this little guy was left behind due to his all black coat. Even his whiskers are black. Apparently there's a bunch of superstitious people around here. He's gentle and spunky and fearless. His transition into "his" bedroom was seamless and he bounced right out of the carrier and has been napping in "his" twin sized bed, playing with his new toys, and eating and drinking all afternoon. We are following the same transitional period that we did when introducing Apollo to Artemis so the girls haven't truly seen him. We don't think Apollo knows he's in the house since she spends most of her time in the sun room downstairs but Artemis knows something is going on and may have seen a glimpse but she doesn't seem phased. The real test will be if they hear him moving around in the middle of the night.  

We call him Atlas.
And yes, three is a good number and we are done adopting.

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