30/52 + a wedding.

We've had the little guy for one week -- the kitten, Atlas, that is. We kept him in his safe room for a couple of days and after the sniffing of each others' blankets went well, we introduced them face-to-face. Artemis took to him immediately and they've been besties ever since. Apollo took a few more days to warm up to him and has finally stopped hissing at his every move. She's now at a tolerating stage and she even played a game with him yesterday. Yesterday was the first day we left the house and left the three of them in the house alone all together. I was very worried that when we got home he'd be all beaten up, but it turned out fine. Today, he's sneezing quite a lot and I guess has a cold. The shelter says that will happen as they adjust and since his wellness visit is scheduled for this week, we'll have the vet look at him on Wednesday for a whole bunch of things. Bottom line, he's eating, drinking, sleeping in our bed, and loving his new home. What a success!

Saturday, I was a bridesmaid in my friend Cassie's wedding. The day itself was super busy, as weddings typically are. I loved getting my hair and makeup done, it's the best! The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a lot of fun. I was able to see lots of friends who I no longer see often but we all went to school together and it's so exciting to catch up. Lately these catchup sessions have been at all of our weddings, or showers, or bachelorette parties. It's hard to hang out with work and families and babies and home owning, etc. So, it's important to document the times we are able to see each other. I'm a personal fan of the group shot and this time we were able to include all the boys, too! 

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