Our "4th" at the drive-in.

Our 4th of July plans were rained out because of Hurricane Arthur. By the time it got here, it wasn't really a hurricane just a lot of wind, rain and thunderstorms. But cookouts and things were postponed for sure. Sean and I got breakfast in the morning and spent most of the day inside together completing the gallery wall. The following day we went to a cookout at my parents house -- Sean had lobster… I still have't tried it. At night, we went to the drive-in with our friends.

We had all the makings for a great night on 4th of July weekend: a pick-up truck, two giant American flags, food, snacks, drinks and friends. 
The drive-in is the best way to see movies these days. The one near our house costs $25 per car and you can have up to 6 people in the car. We had 5 people in the truck which meant it cost each of us $5 to see not one but two movies. TWO MOVIES. For $5. That's $2.50 a movie. You can't beat that. Not only that, but you can bring your own food and drinks. I mean, we ended up getting dinner there but you don't have to do that. If it's a nice night, which Saturday was, it's nice to be outside. [If it's too warm then bug spray is a must.] Plus, it feels like you're living in the 50s and since I didn't actually live in the 50s, that's very enjoyable to me. It's like living in Grease. 

The two movies we saw were Tammy and The Fault In Our Stars. Tammy was funny but more of a "dark comedy" than I was prepared for. I thought it was sad. The Fault In Our Stars was really sad. Sean wanted to switch screens to see Transformers and while that was probably a better "drive-in" movie to see he stayed to watch the sappy, depressing teen love movie. I didn't end up reading the book, but I did cheat because I wanted to know the ending so I read about the book. I like to know what I'm getting myself into and it turns out I was glad to know what was going to happen so that I didn't start crying. Had I not known I probably would have been in tears!

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  1. I really have to find a drive in where we live ... I can't believe how much less it is! Oh and I know that even if I read the book I'll still cry with that movie. Biggest cry baby for sad movies.

    And you haven't tried lobster, you have to. If you like seafood you would love it!


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