Our family photo shoot.

This week, on Wednesday, we celebrated our three year wedding anniversary. Like our first anniversary and our second anniversary we wanted to capture a family photo. Sean was positive that it wouldn't be successful and I was as hopeful as I've been in the past. His prediction was totally correct and I was left very disappointed. But we ended with some funny pictures, scratches all over our bodies  and the realization that three times is not a "charm". First let's remember our photos from the last two years.
I actually was really upset over our 2013 photo because the cats weren't still or looking at the camera. Little did I know that picture was a huge accomplishment compared to what happened this year. First of all, Apollo lets us pick her up -- but for a short amount of time. Artemis does not allow us to pick her up -- ever. Also, Apollo can be swayed, for a few minutes, with treats. Artemis is interested in things for a couple minutes if her toys are around. Let's take a look at some of these photos. PS, we should totally be sponsored by Friskies. 
We don't have a remote for our camera so even though we have a timer we have to move to the camera for every shot. We took pictures for an hour. And every time we moved Artemis would run out of the room and we'd have to start the whole "it's okay" thing over again. We're building confidence over here. Apollo is better at taking pictures. Until she's "done" -- as seen in one picture below. 
Artemis is a mover. She kept moving out of the frame of the lens. And each time I said "well that would have been good if she was in it". She rarely was. Another thing -- she kept walking towards the camera and then it would fall out of focus. See blurry pictures above. After 30 minutes, we needed a break so we started taking pictures of both of them. 
We really did our best. Unfortunately "our best" still was only their backs most of the time. But eventually they started to check out. You can only keep two cats, who only sometimes get along with each other, in one room for so long. 
So finally… this is what we settled with -- us hunched over, neither cat looking, Sean holding Apollo in place and me bribing Artemis with some treats.

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