Paint Night Party.

You know how things are typically more visible once you're looking at photos? Well this is a post about the time I threw a paint night party in my living room… but underneath the real story is an underlining issue of home improvement needs.
The underlining issue from this photo can be seen on the canvas hanging behind us. The blank canvas, that is. I know I need to do something with it but it's been hanging for weeks looking like that… and I got used to it. And forgot that it was blank. I almost like it blank. But I do think it's strange to have an enormous white canvas hanging above the fireplace. Modern art only goes so far. 

The real story: one of my friend's is getting married in less than two weeks. Over the weekend I hosted a bachelorette paint night party at my house. I found someone to come to us so that we could have a night in (at the bride's request). In planning the party, I had to choose a painting and I chose the one we painted after finding it online. I mean, chevrons and anchors are the things I want to fill my house with so I thought maybe others feel the same.
The underlining issue from this photo is the color of the door. It's still that awful peach-sort-of-yellow-but-not-quite-cheery-enough-to-being-pulling-it-off -- that the entire room once was. When the room was painted, in March, I had plans of taking the door off the hinges and painting it so that the hinges didn't get painted. But then that didn't happen. Again, it's been so long that I continuously forget that the door is asking to be painted white. 

The real story: the day of the party, Sean helped me so much in setting up the living room. It took me more time than I'd like to admit to figure out how tables and chairs should be set up. But he was there, every step and move of the way -- tilting and carrying and moving and moving back all the tables and chairs. We moved our living room furniture all around so that the tables for painting could fit. But it was worth it so that we had a proper place to paint! 
The underlining issue from this photo… do you see the window? The double windows on that side of the room have 48 window panes. FORTY-EIGHT. They were a real pain to tape off. I taped them off in March. They still need to be painted. I ALMOST take the tape off every week and then I remember that it took me hours upon hours to tape them off and I can't bare the thought of the time or tape wasted. So I leave them… hoping for motivation or patience to paint them myself. I don't feel it coming anytime soon, so for now… we look at blue tape.

The real story: the woman who came to do the paint party brought all the supplies and set it all up for us while we ate and drank and talked in the dining room. The day before the party I went to Trader Joe's for most of the food. Other food items were purchased from the country store near our house. Since we all know that Sean is the cook in our house, I went for items that just needed to be prepared… or placed on a platter rather than slaving in the kitchen. Even that was overwhelming for me and my mom ended up coming over in the afternoon to help with the food and give me a little bit of direction. 

I'm calling the party a success. I mean everyone had fun, the food was mostly eaten, the paintings came out great, everyone stayed super late and my cats didn't escape. That's a great night in my book. Now if I can only convince Sean to let me hang my latest creation up somewhere… he's totally not a fan of "chevron".

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  1. OMG how fun! I can't believe you hosted this at your house!


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