Three years of marriage.

Today marks three years since our wedding. Sean took the day off so we could hang out. We originally planned on doing something like kayaking but the weather was horrible so we stayed in bed until 11 watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother and then went to see 22 Jumpstreet. We had the theater to ourselves in the beginning but a few people joined us, eventually. The afternoon was spent trying to take a family photo with the cats. The pictures will surface on the blog in the next few days. It was totally unsuccessful. For dinner we treated ourselves to a meal at one of our favorite restaurants One Eleven Chophouse. It was a perfect day. 

I happened to look at the clock today at 4:30. My memory of our wedding day is a little foggy because it was so busy but I want to say that our ceremony started pretty much right on time at 4:30. By this time of night (10PM) we had already said our vows, our I do's, had our first dance to a Johnny Cash song, cut our cake to a Beatles song, took countless photos, and danced a lot. The night itself went by very quickly and so has the past three years. I'm reminded every day how amazing it is to spend all my time with my best friend. Whether something is planned or spontaneous or it's nothing at all, there's no one I'd rather spend my days with. Celebrating three years of marriage is exciting and I'm looking forward to celebrating many more life events together. 

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  1. Congrats on three years!! Happy Anniversary!


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