2 hours in New York City.

Over the weekend, my dad and I traveled down to Baltimore to visit my aunt who is sick. We had a positive weekend with family filled with trips to grocery store, GNC, Peruvian food for dinner, watching countless episodes of the Carbonaro Effect (is that even real?), and hanging out all together. Our trip down to Baltimore took 9 hours but it should have only taken 6. 

On the way home, we stopped in New York City (I mean, you basically drive right through...). It took us less time to go home including our stop in the city than it took to get down to Baltimore. I really wanted to see Times Square -- I just love it so much. We parked the car, walked around and got a slice of pizza. Then we drove the 5 miles to Yankee Stadium because they offer tours of the park every day. Well apparently, every day except for that day since there was a race inside the stadium and they weren't doing their tours. We took pictures outside the stadium and hope to get back one day to see the inside of the park. Preferably on a day that they're playing the Redsox. :)

It's easy to drive right through New York without stopping in the city. I mean, you do have to make a slight detour to see these sights. I think it's worth it though, every single time.

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