End of summer.

Today was officially my first day of work for the new school year. I started going in last week to get the classroom in order and had no problem popping out of bed in the morning and easily getting into work to hang around and set up things on my own time. Today, however -- the first day I actually HAD to report to work at a specific time... a totally different story. I struggled to get out of bed, moved slowly while getting ready and it seemed like traffic took forever. It'll take a few days to get back into a routine, I guess. 

Over the weekend, I did lots of "last minute of freedom" type things. I started out on Friday by totally emptying my DVR. I'm all caught up. We ordered really good take out. We hand washed our cars. We did some home improvements. We planned our next month of home improvement projects. I made sure all our bills were paid, all our appointments were scheduled, that we had food for us and the cats, and that the laundry was done, totally. Plus, I booked our flights to North Carolina for a wedding (!), we squeezed in a movie (his choice -- Guardians of the Galaxy) and some family dinner on Sunday night in addition to the VMAs. Nothing like using up every last minute of vacation.

I get really discouraged at the end of each break. I don't dislike my job or anything. I dislike the idea of my free time disappearing. Sean has tried to assure me that I still have many hours to myself each day though I still question the number of hours he was throwing at me. But he has me convinced that just because I'm back at work, it doesn't mean the world stops and that once I get home from work I have to change immediately to sweatpants and call it a day at 5PM. I don't know how I'll feel about this thought process come December when it's cold and dark outside at 5PM but I saw his point today. It was still 80 degrees and sunny when I got home and we went out for ice cream AND did some measuring of the screen porch that we want to have finished. So, that gives me a little hope.

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  1. Sounds like you had a very productive and fun weekend!! Good luck with the new school year!


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