Mt. Wachusett: Hiking a mountain.

At the beginning of the summer I told myself this was the season I'd get into shape. I always say that, but since I'm participating in Mudderella in the fall, and have a workout partner, my motivation has been a bit stronger. I've spent the last six weeks running and completing workouts in public places. It's really embarrassing doing bench dips in the middle of a park, by the way. I've taken zumba and pilates and yoga and spinning and barre. With every class, I say "this is the hardest thing I've ever done" and then I sign up for another new class and quickly declare that as the hardest thing I've ever done. 
Today I added another physical accomplishment to my list: hiking a mountain. I've done it in the past but only with Sean who helped me every step of the way. Today, I showed I bit more independence since I didn't have him with me to carry me through. I had to rely on myself and my balance and my ability to stay on the path. There was one time I thought, for sure, I was lost forever. But my keen hiking sense kicked in and I realized the blue markings spray painted on the rocks were probably evidence that I was on the path since blue spray paint isn't natural or made in nature. After a three hour hike, up and down, I got home and took a three hour nap. It's all about balance around here.


  1. Wait a second…did you do this by yourself?? I'm so glad to see you're outside, getting fresh air and getting healthy! Now if I could have some of that motivation please!

  2. no way! awesome. looks like a beautiful hike :)


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