9 things about October.

1. Fall is in full swing. The leaves are pretty much done looking beautiful and now they're mostly brown and ready for the snow on Sunday. 
2. We have a new favorite restaurant. Not only do they have the best pizza but they have amazing desserts.
3. When this shirt became available again I needed it immediately. 
4. We're getting the house ready for Thanksgiving by stripping more wallpaper. Wallpaper is the worst part of an old house.
5. Hosting Thanksgiving is my new obsession. In fact, we went out and bought an 11 foot dining room for the occasion. 
6. Last week marked the one year anniversary of the day we first toured this house. We raked leaves in celebration. There's far too many trees in our yard. 
7. When we were in Maine a few weekends ago we went to a restaurant that had the most amazing chairs. I thought "I bet those are from Overstock" -- got home, looked them up and ordered them on the spot. They're amazing. 
8. I've become an ambassador for Barefoot Books -- a children's books and gifts company. I've been busy building up my inventory and booking events and fairs. If you're local and would like to host a party, let me know! If you're not local and would like to host a Facebook party, we can do that, too! 
9. I'm not even embarrassed to reveal that I'm totally pumped "1989" was released this week. Of course, I pre-ordered the album and it was in my iTunes Monday morning when I woke up. I had a mini-CD release party in my car on the way to work. "Blank Space" is by far my favorite.

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