Last Friday, Sean picked me up from work and we started driving to Maine. There wasn't any traffic (surprising for a holiday weekend) so we got there in time to have dinner, rent a movie from Redbox and actually watch it. Well, I fell asleep halfway thru -- but I did wake up at 4AM for work. On Saturday, we woke up early; by then his parent's had joined us up there and we set off for a swine and stein festival. It felt a little morbid to be eating something called "pork tots" nearby a small fenced off area filled with baby pigs for sale (for $95). I was tempted to buy the pigs but Sean wouldn't hear of it. So, I walked away refusing to admit that the whole thing was horrible and told myself that all those baby pigs were sold as pets.

We did some beer tastings (mostly him) and some shopping (mostly me) and had dinner on the ocean at a place called Shaws. They are known for their lobsters but since I don't eat seafood I got buffalo tenders, naturally. We rented another movie from Redbox (it's apparently what you have to do when you're some place without cable or internet) and fell asleep. On Sunday, we did some more shopping, and had lunch with his parent's before setting off to the Maine Beer Company for a tasting (again, mostly him).
Even though it was a 3 day weekend, we came home on Sunday since we have these three 4-legged friends that we love so much and needed to feed Monday morning. But 2 nights away was just what we needed. We try to go to Maine at least once each year and it's always a good time. There's just something about seeing the sunset and sunrise... over the ocean, that is pretty great. 

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