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A few weeks ago, we attempted to take our Christmas card pictures. It didn't work out like I had hoped. I always think, suddenly, the cats will develop English language speaking and comprehension skills -- they don't. And that they will understand "come on! if you just pose ONE time we'll be done!" -- they don't. It's really very frustrating. I haven't gotten the pictures back in card form (I ordered through Shutterfly) and I'm not revealing the actual card since they haven't been mailed out yet (what's going on fedex?) -- but here's a little sneak peek. It was bad --
It's been a while since we've done a life update so here goes:
Me -- I've been busy at work but have two more days before a long winter break. I can't wait for it. Sleeping in, staying up late, doing nothing and anything whenever I want. Who doesn't love vacation? In addition to looking forward to break, I've been busy with my Barefoot Books business. I'm happy to say that I've had a number of successful "pop-up shops" at local events and I've had some parties, too. If we're being honest, I've had some "not so successful" events, as well. That makes it kind of boring and not so fun. But I like to focus on the ones that went well. If you're interested in seeing the books for sale you can check them out here. (There's still some time to order before Christmas!) 
Sean -- Now, that he has his own blog you can always read about his life over there but I'll give a general recap anyway. He's been brewing lots of beer (for Ourbeer Brewing Company) and in fact, the other day he brewed beer using our fire pit and rocks? It's strange but it's a thing. I missed it all because I was sick in bed for 5 days (oh, ya, that was fun) but he had a blast. He's been really into preparing for Christmas this year. His wish list is so long. I guess that's what happens when you acquire multiple hobbies in a short time. Along with brewing beer, drinking craft beer, writing and playing music, and cooking -- he's adding new interests to his life every day. With every interest comes the "stuff" one needs to complete said interest. That's where the wish lists come into play!
Cats -- They've recovered from their stressful photo shoot and they really enjoy the Christmas decor. Atlas hasn't been able to leave the tree alone. Since it's his first Christmas we've been a little more patient than I would like to be. For example, we still don't have ornaments on the tree because he keeps leaping through the branches and unstringing the lights. I'm not sure how he does it but the other night we heard a bang and when Sean went to investigate (while I sat still and said "oh my god, you need to go check out that scary noise"!) he found the timer for the tree lights that had previously been plugged into the wall... in the middle of the room. How a cat unplugs something from the wall is beyond me... Hopefully, by Christmas Eve we can have a few ornaments.

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