Thanksgiving 2014

We hosted Thanksgiving this year -- the first time in our house. We started planning this one meal weeks, maybe months, ago. Last week, on Monday night after work we went grocery shopping -- to more than one store -- it's pretty amazing that Sean was able to convince me to do this as I think I've mentioned on the blog before how much I hate grocery shopping. But something about the holidays perks me up enough to handle the freezing supermarket. We picked out a 20lb turkey at Whole Foods. In hindsight, we could have chosen a smaller bird but it seemed to be okay. It took slightly longer to cook than anticipated -- thanks a lot pinterest... but everyone remained patient and in good spirits. I took Wednesday to bake -- apple pie, pumpkin pie and chocolate pudding pie. Sean was in control of everything on Thursday. It's better that way. I'm much more successful in planning and decorating than in cooking and dealing with the kitchen. I hate the kitchen.
We had 11 people over before dinner and by dinner time 7 of us ate. I broke out our new dishes and some of our wedding china, too. I loved the whole day and it was a great time to spend with family and remember all that we're thankful for.


  1. the cutest! Love all the fancy dishes and diy decor, looks like a successful hosting!

  2. Love all the little details!! Looks like so much fun!

  3. A huge success it was. Everything was delicious. Thanks for hosting all of us!


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