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Yearly recaps are what blogging is all about, don't you think? The posts are always one of my favorites to write because they are a great way to reflect on the year that's about to end and to write a little bit about it... all in one place as a way to look back and see what happened this year. I didn't blog as much so most of this is going to be from memory and not directly from previous blog posts. Here goes: 2014.
We celebrated NYE at my parent's house before going home, probably before 9PM to lay on the couch and watch the ball drop. It was truly crazy. This is the month Artemis had to go to the ER and that wasn't the best. We celebrated being in our house for one month and managed to paint the kitchen. All in all, we tried to stay in the house and out of the cold.
February brought a lot more snow and I gave the "okay" to buy an expensive snow blower. Artemis got her surgery done and recovered quickly. We celebrated Valentine's Day at the Outback (I'm pretty sure that was my doing because Sean really can't stand the Outback). I was also positive we were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. My 101 in 1001 list ended and I made a new one.
March brought us some time to make some improvements in the house since I had some time off from work. The bathroom on the first floor got some updating, and the living room walls got painted. Sean shaved off his beard, we finally saw the sun for the first time in many months and I did a lot of scrapbooking. We celebrated Sean's birthday doing brewery tours with friends.
Sean started growing hops and I tried my hand at a vegetable garden. One morning we evacuated our house because we thought we had a gas leak (they fixed it in no time). We celebrated Artemis' one year adoption anniversary, Easter (we hosted!) and did a lot of hanging out with friends.
We celebrated Apollo's adoption anniversary in May. We cut down a bunch of trees in our yard that were deemed "dangerous". I helped throw a bridal shower for one of my friends. I forced Sean to come with me to our first, ever, annual town meeting (he may tell you that was the last time he'd ever go to one, too). We went to a Redsox game with my parents and tried to start burning all the tree stumps and branches we had cut down. We walked the town's parade route for Memorial Day and I primed the front hallway (sidenote, it's 7 months later and the walls are still only primed).
I blogged about a trip to Newport, RI. We went to our first, ever, wedding in a cemetery and I used Rent the Runway for the first time in June. I helped throw a party at my work. We worked in the yard a lot and I started training for Mudderella. We finally installed the bathroom sink after 6 months. My fifth year of teaching ended and I started a summer nannying job. 
Sean started a new job in July. I fell down the stairs for the 3rd time so Sean took up the carpet. We finally got around to hanging up the gallery wall in the living room. The squirrels ate all the vegetable seeds and sprouts that I started in April. Hurricane Arthur rained out our 4th of July but we still managed to go to the drive-in. We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Sean's brother visited from Seattle and stayed at our house. I hosted a bachelorette party at my house. I spent a day in Boston and was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding. Also, Atlas joined our family.
August was the month of weekend trips: Baltimore twice, NYC and DC were all on the agenda. I hiked a mountain for the first time without Sean. We went to New Jersey for the Eminem and Rihanna concert. I started my 6th year of teaching.
In September, I completed the Mudderella and turned 28. We traveled to North Carolina to celebrate my cousin's wedding. We painted the music/office space. I was sick for a lot of the month.
I spent my first nights alone when Sean traveled to Seattle to make wine with his brother in October. We spent a weekend in Maine. I was totally obsessed with Taylor Swift's new CD and I became an ambassador for Barefoot Books. We bought an 11-foot dining room table which led us to swap spaces with the living room (it's still in the works). Sean started his own blog.
I finally updated to the iPhone 6 from the iPhone 4. I did my first vendor event with Barefoot Books this month and stayed busy with events through December. We hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the second time but for the first time in our house. I went shopping on Black Friday and didn't find any deals or steals. 
We decorated for Christmas and even hung lights on the outside of the house. We got our Christmas tree and listened to Christmas music and loved every moment of being in the Christmas spirit. We were never able to put ornaments on the tree because of Atlas. Sean's dad moved to Florida and gave us a lot of furniture. We took a photo shoot with the 3 cats and Sean and his friends made beer using rocks. We sent out Christmas cards. We went to Fatima shrine, a neighbor's holiday party and celebrated Christmas day with each other and family. We spent the last two weeks having a staycation and binging on Netflix (switching off between Criminal Minds and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia). We celebrated one year of home owning.

Overall, the year was good to us. But we're ready to welcome 2015. 

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