Some Valentine's Day decor.

Sunday was my last day of vacation so I took some time to do everything that had been on my to-do list for the previous 15 days -- clean, laundry, de-clutter, put away holiday decor, etc. While I was already in the basement searching for the Christmas boxes (that somehow made their way to the back and the bottom of every stack), I figured I better just take a couple of minutes and decorate for the next holiday -- Valentine's Day. Let's face it, once I'm back at work time goes really quickly. I thought about decorating for "winter" but ultimately chose to just skip ahead a few weeks because it'll be here before we know it. Usually, the holidays creep up so quickly that a week before I think "I could decorate and make the house cute!" but then I realize... hmm, that's a lot of work and I'd have to clean it all up in just a few days. BUT NOW... I get to enjoy Valentine's Day for 6 weeks?! Sounds worth it to me.

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