Four years of marriage.

Today we celebrated four years of marriage. This picture is from pregnancy week 26 (I'm currently in week 31) but after a long day of work, sitting in traffic for 2 hours, then dinner -- I quickly changed and there will not be a picture taken of us today. We are doing our anniversary dinner Saturday night so hopefully we'll get a picture that day instead.

We've had quite the year! We added Atlas to our family last July (after our three year anniversary). We went on a number of trips (near and far). We hosted some holidays and celebrated some others. We've survived some home improvement projects, gotten a handle on our finances (sort of), and found out we were expecting our first baby (!). We've gone to weddings and funerals and comforted sick family members. We've done nothing and lots... all at the same time. I'm excited for what this next year of marriage will look like and what it may bring us. The bar is set pretty high... :)

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Love you both lots!!! xoxo


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