Hi, my name is Jasmine.

It's been a while. I literally had to search my memory for the password to this place. But, I'm back, if not for just today then maybe for the amount of time that it takes to fill this space with what has happened in the past 4 months. I figure I best -- because I got a notification that my domain was expiring in the beginning of August. It was a real dilemma as I questioned whether or not to renew "www.jasminehduffy.com" but ultimately I decided that I'd better pay the renewal fee and keep my memories and perhaps even continue to write in the future. So, here I am -- a few dollars less but with my domain, my name, and a little bit about where I've been.

I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant (28 weeks in the photo above). I continue to struggle with the idea of posting about him throughout my pregnancy. It's not that I don't want to talk about him all the time because I do, I just feel like if I write about him all the time it will make the time go so slowly. And I want September 14th to arrive like... tomorrow. So I've waited and waited and waited and before I knew it all this time had passed. As a "previous" blogger I always thought I'd be all over the bump pictures and posts and the weekly bump updates and so on, but when it actually came time to do all that I realized -- it's actually not my thing. So I didn't want to force it. But since the pregnancy is all I wanted to talk about in person, but nothing I wanted to sit and type about, I didn't come here. I mean, nothing else was going on so why type nonsense?

Thankfully, I feel good and there are only a few times throughout the day that I wish I felt differently. For the most part, I'm comfortable, baby gets comfortable (read: he kicks, punches, flips, tosses, etc.) and it makes me laugh. There are times, I cringe slightly but I quickly force myself to smile. The miracle of life, right? The doctors appointments are plenty, but they say all is well and I love seeing him on the monitor. At my last appointment, he was 2 lb. 12 oz., and I was up a whole lot of weight. But I tell myself that between him, and everything else going on in there, it's probably okay. I can't get enough water, I have one pair of pants that fit, my iron is low and I suffer from restless leg syndrome. But I managed to bypass morning sickness, my feet haven't gotten swollen, and for the most part my headaches and dizziness from earlier in the pregnancy have subsided. So, I feel pretty lucky. 

We've been preparing for his arrival. We've been trying to get his room set up. I know they say babies don't need beautiful nurseries and all they need are diapers, food and a place to sleep but I just couldn't help myself. If nothing else, it's an excuse to have one less room in my house with wallpaper. I hope to post about his room soon, but in all honesty, right now it's painted and has a dresser. It's not baby ready but we still have 10 weeks, at least that's the plan! We've also taken a childbirth education class, I've signed up but haven't taken (yet) a breastfeeding class, and we've added multiple books to the coffee table. "Hypnobirthing" & "Babywise" are good topics of conversation around here and visitors either laugh at me for my newly acquired collection of books or stare blankly. It's fine either way. 

One thing is certain, I'm totally excited for what's to come. And I really don't want to wait -- but I will since I don't think he's quite baked enough to come out yet.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you're back :)

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  3. Yay! I'm glad you're back too! :)

  4. Oh how wonderful and exciting! I can't wait to read more about your new adventure :) I disappear from blogging when I am pregnant too, something about about blogging while pregnant doesn't seem to happen for me. I did a little with number one but nothing with number two at all. Anyways, all the best!

  5. yay, i'm so glad you're writing again!

  6. Glad your back! I missed your posts :) ❤️


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