My baby shower.

Over the weekend, my mom and aunt Barbara threw me a baby shower. It was such a special time and something I very much was looking forward to and I'm sad it's over! They did an amazing job with planning and decorating and prepping for the shower (they did an amazing job with my bridal shower, too!) and they thought of every little detail. They followed a book theme -- I'm a huge fan of children's books and already have quite the collection for Javi. They also included my childhood stuffed animals within the decorations and a bunch of new books, and toys and items for Javi to have and play with when he's old enough. Everything from the signs, to the banners, to the baby clothes and shoes, to the chair and pillow covers, to the games, to the guest book, to the everything... was perfect. Sean's mom helped also and made the cake and all the adorable cookies (you'll see in the photos). 

The shower started at 1 and Sean came around 2:15. I was relieved to have him join me for gift opening. I struggled during the bridal shower with unwrapping and opening and announcing and thanking. It's a lot of work! So it was nice to have him next to me and we worked together to do all those same tasks. Plus, with this baby bump in the way it's a bit tricky to lean and open gifts! Also I know he enjoyed seeing the gifts and being able to thank people in person. It was a busy and beautiful day! But I loved being surrounded by people who are excited for Javi's arrival!


  1. what an amazing shower, congratulations on your pregnancy and I can't wait to see your new little arrival!

  2. so amazing! LOVE all the decor, it's so cute.


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