36 weeks and counting.

I took these pictures last Sunday at 35 weeks and 6 days which makes me 36 weeks and 3 days now. We are almost to 37 weeks which I'm told is a milestone though Sean is really pushing for 39 weeks because all the signs in the hospital say that it is "only" then, at 39 weeks that a baby's brain is fully developed. I'm not too sure about that and don't really mind him coming earlier than expected. I'm pretty ready to meet him as long as he's ready to be in the world. Though I would love a September baby. :)

His room is almost complete. It's been slightly easier to do things around the house since the doctor put me on "modified bed rest" rather than "strict bed rest" though I find that my body responds best to laying down and the minute I get up -- the swelling starts. I'd still like to hang a few more shelves, his glider still needs a cover and I'm not quite sure what is "supposed" to be near his changing pad. I think it's going to be a live and learn type of situation. Most importantly, we have a place for him to sleep, diapers, some clothes and hopefully I'll be able to breastfeed. I hear that's all babies truly need -- you know, other than love and all the good stuff.

Speaking of clothes -- they tell me he's big. Big! I'll be crushed if he doesn't fit into all those teeny tiny newborn clothes that I've already taken tags off of and washed and folded and put in his dresser. I guess that's why everything online says "don't take tags off so that you can exchange items that don't fit". I was just too excited and Dreft smells too good not to use. They also say he has lots of hair (apparently, they can tell from the ultrasound) and has chubby legs. Babies are so funny.

I don't do much during the day but I plan to go back to work August 31st for the start of the school year. That week is mostly meetings (so lots of sitting) and since I'm really hoping he stays put until AT LEAST September 1st -- I think I'll be good to go in on August 31st... even if it's just for a day. Once I'm officially on maternity leave, I'll be home with Javi until January, after winter break. The cats aren't thrilled with this as I think I disturb their slumbering throughout the day by taking pictures of them and putting them up on Instagram.

Maybe I'll post the nursery tomorrow if I can get some good pictures today.

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  1. Chubby baby legs - is there anything better???!! xoxox


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