Javi's room.

I have to admit that when I started thinking about a nursery -- I had no idea what needed to be included in one. Setting up a classroom from 25 kids is easy. Brainstorming practicality and function for 1 baby? -- Not what I know how to do. Being a Montessori teacher, I contemplated having a Montessori-style bedroom for Javi. Ultimately, I decided against this. Mostly from talking to other Montessori teachers that I'm friends with (some who did it and it didn't necessarily work out and some who totally skipped it altogether and some who swore by it). This is not to say that nothing about his room is "Montessori" but there's definitely not a floor bed (though I hope to transition him out of his crib quicker than "typical"). I also chose to have a glider because rocking a baby to sleep sounds like some of the most fun I've ever heard of. And I have things on the shelves that aren't necessarily developmentally appropriate (or safe) for a newborn but they're cute and I'll move them before he starts to move on his own, okay? Oh, and the dresser. Not Montessori at all. But it's beautiful. 

The other thing is, we live in a Cape house -- so the bedroom ceilings are slanted. It makes it kind of tricky to design a space but I figure he'll be short for a while so he's less likely to bump his head. When we moved into this house, this room was yellow. That awful yellow that our entire house was painted. Oh, but even better this room was wallpapered and THEN someone painted over the wallpaper that awful yellow color. We had a painter come and strip the wallpaper and paint the walls Moonshine by Benjamin Moore, and all the trim is Decorator's White. We also had him install the ceiling fan/light since the room didn't have any light at all and I read that ceiling fans help prevent SIDS though I don't know if that's necessarily true. 

Almost everything in this room was gifted to us or something that we had already. Except for the dresser. The crib is from Babies R Us and so is the crib sheet. The rug is from Overstock.
I tried to organize the IKEA dresser but only time will tell if it makes sense. The lamp, clock and shelves are also from IKEA. The Giving Tree book was sort of guest book at my baby shower and guests wrote sweet messages to Javi to read when he's older. The el gato print and the little prince print are from Etsy. The metal J is from Michaels. I thought about getting all the letters in his name but I decided I liked the single J.
I really love the built-ins in this house and we have them in all the bedrooms. I wasn't sure what to put on the little shelves next to drawers but decided to put little things that people gifted to us. The blocks are nursery rhyme blocks, the stuffed animals are Star Wars characters (and Sean is very specific in NOT calling them stuffed animals). The sheep on the top left is a piggy bank we bought on our honeymoon in Ireland. The knobs are from Etsy, too. 
I really wanted books to be a major theme for Javi. I love books and I hope he does too. So I made sure the book shelves were low and I like when books face out -- I think kids are more attracted to them when they can see the front of the book rather than just the book's spine. The shelves are spice racks from IKEA that "we" spray painted white. My aunt made the pillow cases as decorations for my baby shower. 
My mom got me the glider from a yard sale and my aunt covered the cushions with new fabric. The end table was Sean's from when he was little and the ukelele is Sean's, too. The window AC won't always be there but it's very hot and necessary now. The windows do all have black-out cordless blinds from JCPenney but no curtains. The framed print was a free download online. 
The end table near his crib was in the house when we bought it, but it sort of fits in this room? The elephant picture above his crib is just fabric over a canvas. I hung the mirror low enough so he can see himself during "tummy time". The door, which you can only see a bit of, is a screen door. We took off the regular door and put that on instead. Our reasoning behind this was to keep the cats out but still allow them to see in the room so he's not such a mystery to them. It's recommended by the ASPCA so we'll see if it helps. 

There are number of things I still have but aren't up yet. I have a Montessori mobile and more decorations and prints that I'm just very indecisive about where to hang so I must wait. But all in all, I feel like his space is ready for him. Which is good since I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow. 

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