We sent out Christmas cards late this year. We couldn't get it together to send them out before Christmas Eve -- no lie. I delivered them to the post office on Christmas Eve. So I'm not sure when they will arrive to people's mailboxes... but there it is! In all its glory.
This year, Christmas was a special experience (isn't it always)? But I do think that having a little one at Christmas is just the best. Seeing him enjoy looking at the lights all around and telling him all about the day (even if he doesn't get it, yet) is just so exciting. We're not religious so for us it's all about being with family, the anticipation and excitement of Christmas day... as well as the magic of Santa (reading books, singing songs, watching movies, etc.). It was so much fun and I'm so sad it's over.
We had a busy few days leading up to the holiday since Sean's brother was in town. The holiday itself was spent splitting time between all the houses we wanted to visit. Though next year, I think I'd like to invite everyone to our house. I think we say that every year but sometimes traditions are hard to break!
We did exchange gifts and we all, including Javi, got very kind and thoughtful and generous gifts. We're so excited to look through everything and wash everything and find a permanent home for everything. That's the hard part... don't you think? Even harder with a baby!
Christmas is my favorite season and it always makes me a little sad to see it end!

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  1. Javi is the best present of all! Just love that little guy! xoxox


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