Three months.

We've officially transitioned from "newborn" status to "infant" status. I cannot believe it! Javi turned three months old today and it's time for another small recap:
In the past 4 weeks, he's celebrated his first Thanksgiving, met his cousins, travelled to Puerto Rico and went on his first (and second) plane, met Santa... the list goes on and on!
He continues to grow like a weed. Most people that see him say "what is he... 6 months?" And we always have to say something like "yes, I know. He's big." He's wearing 3-6 month clothes but we did squeeze him into his 0-3 Patriots gear for Sunday's game. It was a little tight but he didn't complain. He rarely complains except... when his milk is taken away (so that he can burp) he does put on quite the show. We joke that he's starring in his own dramedy. His lip quivers and his eyes look incredibly sad. It's heartbreaking.
His nails also grow like crazy. I clip them every day and yet every day he has another scratch on his face from his flailing arms and hands. I'm not sure when he'll gain total control of his limbs but I'm looking forward to it. He holds his head well but sometimes flops. He really enjoys sitting in his baby seat even though I know he's not supposed to be in it yet.
He's still drinking 6 oz per feeding, about 5 times a day. Most recently, since our trip he's been sleeping more than 7 hours at night. It's a dream come true. I don't want to say it's a long term thing and get my hopes up but thus far he's a good sleeper. He also sleeps in his crib at night and transitioned there pretty seamlessly. I was impressed and prepared for the worst. We have a semi-ritual of a bottle, diaper change, one song and a kiss. I put him in his crib mostly awake and he talks to himself or "self-soothes" for about 20 minutes. I go downstairs and watch him on the monitor. Eventually, he's quiet for a bit and then snores. Are babies supposed to snore? Not sure, but he does.
He likes to nap in my arms during the day. And if I walk around with him... even better. He likes to be on the move, always. He's a bundle of love. 

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  1. Great pictures! These months go by too quickly!


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