Yearly Recap: 2015.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Time to recap!

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We rang in the new year with family as per usual. We found out in early January that I was pregnant! I made some goals for the year (and month) that I totally didn't follow through with. We celebrated my dad's birthday and Sean's younger brother's birthday, too.
We started telling close family members we were expecting a baby. It was so exciting! The weather wasn't very nice to us in MA so with all the snow I stayed indoors a lot. Sean spent most the month cleaning snow out of our driveway.
In the beginning of the month, we lost my grandmother and I delivered her eulogy at her funeral. We revealed my pregnancy on social media and I had some time off from work. Following with tradition, I spent a weekend in the White Mountains scrapbooking. Sean spent his birthday in Florida with his brothers and dad.
We celebrated Easter, had so many doctor appointments, the weather started turning around and we spent a little more time outside! I started really "showing" and bought maternity clothes. We also painted our living room and "finished" decorating it.
We had a yard sale and I told myself REALLY... NEVER AGAIN. We celebrated mother's day, Sean's mom graduating college, Memorial day, Sean's brother visiting and so many other fun things! We went to town hall meetings but were banished off to the side because we forgot to register to vote in our town! AH! I started an instagram account for our cats.
I finished my sixth year of teaching. We took a day trip to Newport, Rhode Island and also spent nearly a week in Maine on a "babymoon". I enjoyed the beginning of my summer off and spent a lot of time in the AC. Javi's nursery was finished and things started to feel "ready". 
I started my summer teaching job, and quickly realized it was too much. I was put on bed rest toward the end of the month. We celebrated the 4th, revealed Javi's name on social media, celebrated my mom's birthday, and my mom and aunt threw me an amazing baby shower! We also celebrated 4 years of marriage.
We lost my aunt in August. My family visited from California and I remained on bed rest but tried to go into work toward the end of the month. I spent most of my time on the couch laying down.. I just remember really wanting Javi to arrive!
I turned 29! I stopped working and officially started my maternity leave. We spent a lot of time at the doctors and the hospital and finally Javi arrived on Sept. 20! We tried to figure out how to be parents.
We got into somewhat of a groove in this parenting venture. We took a trip to Maine, walked a 5K, took Javi to the zoo and celebrated Halloween. Javi was a ninja turtle!
I continued maternity leave, Javi turned 2 months old and we hosted Thanksgiving at our house. We started to go out a little bit and I left Javi for the first time. My mom, aunt and I continued our tradition of shopping on black friday and we decorated for Christmas.
We started the month off by traveling to Puerto Rico. Javi turned 3 months old, we had a blast at Christmastime and we will ring in 2016 the same way we did for 2015 -- with family. 

Happy 2016!

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  1. Great recap of 2015! I love seeing all the pictures, it was a busy year. Happy New Year and may 2016 bring you health and happiness.


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