Four months.

Well, our little guy has been in our lives for 4 months and each day is getting better and better. December into January was so much fun with a little one. He is a party animal and the holidays suited him well. He loved the lights and seeing so many people all at once. After the holidays, I went back to work. It was so sad. I cried for many days leading up the initial "first day back". And even during the first drive to work... tears. But it got easier, the routine became more familiar, Javi settled into being with family or at daycare and all was well for the first two weeks. And then... our first cold. It came on slowly... I heard a little frog in his throat and thought hmm. And then, Monday morning he had a full-blown cold/cough. Luckily, he doesn't have a fever and Sean and I are loading up on vitamins and water to keep this thing from spreading. Javi is still in high spirits though gets very confused when he coughs. It's heartbreaking.
Aside from the illness (which allowed him to have his first "sick day" home from school), we've all been smoothly sailing on. Eating (5 times a day, sometimes 6 oz. sometimes 8 oz.), sleeping (from 9:30PM-6AM), and growing. Oh, the growth. Talk about fast? I can't believe that just 4 months ago he was teeny, tiny and now I can't even carry the infant carrier without a fear of throwing my back out. I'm not really sure what milestones he's supposed to be hitting (he'll get there when he gets there, I guess) but he did roll over -- though, I think it was fluke because he hasn't done it since. He's drooling like crazy -- perhaps, getting a tooth on the bottom? There's a teeny, tiny white spot on his gum, I assume it's a tooth? He loves bath time, loves play time, loves meal time, loves nap time (if he can sleep on someone). He's a regular old lover until it's tummy time. Then he's all set.
His teachers are super nice and say they love him. After day one, they revealed that he's quite the talker. Which is true... he's never quiet. He definitely doesn't get that from me :) 

I can't wait to see what this next month brings! 

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