Happy 2016.

Sean worked till 8PM on New Years and then met me and Javi at my parent's house for a celebration. It was festive and fun and a good time was had by all. Well, Javi slept almost the entire time but had fun nonetheless. We were home by 10:30 and since Javi was sleeping... and we don't have cable (to watch the ball drop), we were asleep by 11. No sense in missing out on an hour of sleep when an infant is in the house. 
This year, I hope to document lots and lots. I didn't do well with this in 2015. I regret it now (not having all the pictures and updates about my pregnancy) and I barely have any blog posts about the year. So in 2016, I hope to jump back on the blog wagon and write about things, big and small. I also hope to instagram more often (and not just baby pics). I also paid for the app, 1 second every day and hope to put together movies of Javi (1 second everyday). I think those "goals" are manageable. But we'll see. Happy 2016!


  1. Love these pics! I think I'm also going to try the 1 second every day app after reading about it in the NY Times. And also try to blog more. Happy 2016!

  2. Finally all caught up!! I had no idea you were back to the blogging world! Happy 2016!


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