Five months.

I can't believe it's been five months! He's been a bit off this month and I think we're in the midst of teething though none have appeared. He's eating less, so he hasn't been gaining the same amount of weight as in previous months but it's a good thing (for me!) because his infant carrier is so heavy! We're thinking about moving him to a convertible car seat but he's a good car sleeper and we don't want to ruin it. :)

Javi's school is going well. He goes twice a week and is 1 of 7 in his class. I ask him about his friends every day on the way home and he loves to hear himself talk. We joke that he's telling us his troubles, and all the events of his day. He's such a storyteller. 

This past month brought some new firsts. His first time at a bowling alley, his first kid's birthday party, and his first valentine's day. The month also brought some sad firsts like his first wake (his great grandmother); uncomfortable firsts like his first time throwing up and a few unexpected visits like his uncle and aunt from Seattle. 
The doctor cleared him to start some solids and we tried oatmeal cereal first -- he hated it. Then we tried rice cereal -- he hated it. We've tried carrots (he smiled), and sweet potatoes (he enjoyed these) but then took a break because he started teething really badly and was just utterly unhappy with any meal time activities. 
He remains such a happy guy and we're so excited to have him with us every day. He's still sleeping a good amount at night, not to jinx it or anything, but I feel like it balances out because he's not such a strong napper during the day. As he's more and more alert and active during the day it makes it harder to stay in my routine and continue going back to work each day because all I want is to be with him and watch him grow. He's rolling, grabs his feet, puts everything in his mouth, rubs his eyes when he's tired, loves peek-a-boo, is already a tv watcher (oops), loves music, loves his toys, and loves holding our fingers in his hands. I'm just in love with him!

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