Six months.

(In all honesty, I'm writing this post in April but back dating it to March 20th for journaling purposes.)
Javier! We're happily at six months old. Between five and six months, Javi has grown so much -- weight, length, milestones, etc. He holds his head up for long periods of time, rolls over like a maniac, laughs like crazy when he's getting tickled, smiles on the swings, can almost sit up without toppling over, kicks his legs and flails his arms like a madman, and wants to be up, off and going!
We can't keep him still for even a minute. He loves his jumper and walker but mostly wants to be on the floor (nearly) crawling. He loves going for walks, even when it's chilly outside. He still loves mealtime and will definitely let us know when it's time for some milk! He's started to seek out toys to play with, and his favorites are the oball, and sophie. 
We tried to get outside most weekends as the weather finally wasn't bitter cold. We went for walks on the bike path, sat outside in the yard, walked to playgrounds and played on the swings and slides. Javi loves his stroller and enjoys being wheeled around to see different sights. When the wind blows he gasps, and stretches his neck up and out to feel the breeze. :)
This month, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day, went to the White Mountains for Scrapbook Weekend, had school pictures taken, sat by the fireplace, went out to dinners, visited with family, played, jumped, rolled, laughed, screamed and loved. :)

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