Happy Father's Day

When I was pregnant, Sean would ask me "so what kind of dad do you think I'll be?" and I would say "a great one!" and I believed it. But nothing could prepare me for witnessing it firsthand. He's so patient and kind and thoughtful. He's playful and energetic and keeps on going and going. He does the midnight wake ups, the early morning feedings, the choosing of outfits to dress him for school.  He rocks him when he's upset and makes sure his room is the perfect temperature for sleeping. He drives Javi where he needs to go every morning, and picks him up most afternoons. He takes him to appointments and is full of cuddles when the little guy requires them. They go on walks together, run errands together, play on playgrounds, and read stories together. He crawls on the ground, makes himself into a jungle gym for Javi to climb and tickles him until Javi's scream makes us laugh until we cry. The relationship they have is my most favorite thing to watch and Sean impresses me more and more every day with his parenting skills. :)

The other dad in my life is mine! I'm so thankful for my dad and all that he does for me and now for Javi. He's so loving and generous and optimistic. He wants nothing but the best for us all and we're so lucky to have to him so close to us. :)

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