Couples trip to Maine.

Last weekend, Sean and I went away for the first time without Javi! I was hesitant to leave him but him being with my parents for the weekend made it a bit easier. :) I didn't really know if I would really be able to leave him behind, and even the morning we were leaving I said to Sean, "maybe we should just take him!?". Ultimately, he stayed back and it was the right decision... and we were only gone from Friday to Sunday. (Still a long time away from the little guy) The trip was a lot of fun though. 

We traveled to Maine and met our friends Whitney and Kyle (two years ago we did a trip to DC and we would have gone somewhere last year had I not been pregnant and put on bedrest). So this year, we decided to plan a trip and continue the tradition we'd like to begin. Since Maine is so close, we chose there!
We had a very packed 2 days! We saw the sunset, a sunrise, spent more money on food (lots of lobsters!) and beer than ever before (in just 2 days), watched movies, spent hours talking, went on a boat... the list goes on and on. It was a great trip and it was nice to be with our friends and to eat meals without (an adorable) interruption. 
The first night at dinner, we decided to take the plunge and taste Pappy van Winkle whiskey. Apparently, when you see it on the menu, you should try it so we shelled out more money than I would EVER spend on one drink and tried 12 year and 20 year whiskey. I preferred the 12 year much more. 
 Here are some pictures of our weekend!

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