Javi's Party.

Our little guy turned 1 and we had a bash!
I wanted the theme of his party to be "you are my sunshine" since that's a song I sing to him nearly every day. So I ordered some invitations off Etsy and bought a ton of blue and yellow party supplies and we celebrated!
It was such a beautiful day outside that all the festivities were in the yard but I did a little bit of decorating by putting his monthly photos in frames on the food table. It's crazy how big he is already! I got the inspiration for the cupcakes and cookies on Pinterest, of course.
He wasn't totally a fan of the cake (we would have let him smash it but he didn't want anything to do with it). I think if we were to do it again now (at 13 months) he would be in heaven. (In the last week, he's become obsessed with food but at that time he was so not into it).
It was so nice to spend his birthday celebrating with family and friends!

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