Backyard fun.

I'm not an outdoors-person. I can count the number of times I ventured into my own backyard (pre-Javi) on one hand -- and it was twice. The first was during our home inspection and the second time was when we thought we smelled gas and the gas company told us to leave our house immediately -- so we went outside. That's it. But I understand the value of being outside, of observing your surroundings, of witnessing nature and exploring and all that good stuff. I get it. And I want Javi to enjoy being outside... and not be afraid (like me). So we try to make it a point to get outside. Sean's a bit better at this than me. I still unnecessarily "prepare" to go into the backyard where Sean just walks outside.

But it was a beautiful fall day and we decided to take Javi out. At first he wasn't so into it but once he realized he had so much space to move around -- he loved it and didn't want to come inside! We have a bit of a hill in the yard (some might say it's perfect for sledding) and when I told Javi to be careful down the hill he dropped his body down into the grass, and backed up as if he were going down stairs. :)

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