Christmas, finally!

To say that Javi was a fan of Christmas, would be an understatement. He was a loving, maniac all of Christmas day. :) He woke up at his regular time around 7AM. Our normal routine is to change his diaper, then go downstairs and I pour milk into his bottle, we sit on the couch together and watch Mickey. So when he walked into the kitchen, with both me and Sean... to an audience of Barb and Christine (who couldn't wait to see his face on Christmas morning!) he was a little confused and started to cry. He quickly realized his new kitchen set was all his and he was ALL about it the rest of the day. He is obsessed with his kitchen... and his pots and pans... and tasting the wooden spoons. It's so funny. 

Sean's family joined us for the morning and my parents joined us in the afternoon. It was wonderful that everyone came to us and Javi stayed in jammies ALL DAY long. He also enjoyed that the gates were down and he had free range of the whole house (pretty much). There was a period of the day that he just ran from the kitchen to the dining room shouting. But, hey, it's Christmas! 

Sean and I gave him the kitchen set, with the dishes along with his Christmas Eve box (and then his stocking from Santa :) ) but that was it. We didn't want to go overboard! But he is so lucky and definitely got his fair share of gifts. Our families were incredibly generous and it's hard to remember what Christmas was like before Javi-man. He makes the holidays so much more exciting and full!

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