First week of vacation.

It really is such a perk to have two weeks off during the holidays. Sean was able to take a few days off as well and it was so much fun to be off together. We were able to hang out with friends (a few times!), go to dinner together, see Star Wars (his pick..) -- I made cookies, and Javi helped me shop for gifts, we ate way too many donuts, wrapped all the presents and Javi took his very first "big guy bath". I can't believe it. Tears...

We also went to the Enchanted Village which was a lot of fun! The line was like Disneyworld (woah! so long!) but they have an entire village you can walk through, ice skating indoors, Santa was there (and Javi didn't cry!! third time is a charm, I guess) -- it was so much fun and I would love to make it a tradition. :)

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