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Sean is traveling and Javi is sick (how does that happen?! did Javi wait for Sean to board the plane or something?!). So I figured, what better time to talk a little bit about what we use when he's feeling a bit under the weather.
humidifier - In general, I think humidifiers are annoying to clean. This one looks nice so I'm a fan and it makes up for the annoyance of filling it! -- Because it's annoying!

boogie wipes - These are lifesavers! I don't like the scented ones but the unscented ones are something I always have on hand. They really do make a difference and help so much more than just dry tissues.

saline drops - Javi HATES these so much. But they really make a difference if you can actually get them in those tiny nostrils!

motrin - Lots of people have different thoughts about pain medication but I think it's okay to give, in moderation. I prefer motrin to tylenol (he easily swallows it, it lasts longer, so requires less doses and it's clear so it doesn't stain!) so this is what we use -- for teething, fevers and before getting vaccines.

thermometer - Honestly, I'm still learning to use this thermometer -- I find it really confusing. I'm not sure if all are like this but if I was to buy a new one I'd get a different one.

constipation ease - The worst is when your little one is uncomfortable and has tummy troubles. The screams! This stuff is a lifesaver!

vapor rub - In the beginning, if he was sick, I put this on the bottom of his feet and then put his socks on. Then I put a bunch on a blanket and tied it to his crib. Eventually, I just put it directly onto his chest. It helps a little but it's more trouble than it's worth! It gets EVERYWHERE and is greasy.

face and hand wipes - I really like these! Just like the boogie wipes, I try to always have these on hand.

We feel very fortunate that he hasn't been too terribly sick in his lifetime -- just typical illnesses he's acquired at school. But all these things are handy to have in the house and I'm always so grateful when we don't have to run to the store to get more!

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